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Everyday international family law 2017

In 2015, over a quarter of births (27.5%) in England and Wales were to mothers born outside the UK. International issues are arising with increased frequency in family law, particularly following the triggering of Article 50. Whether you work in a large city firm or a small country practice, it’s increasingly likely that a future client (or their spouse/partner) will not be British. A grounding in international family law is crucial, particularly as Britain moves towards exiting the European Union, to ensure relevant issues are identified early and managed effectively.

This event seeks to address some of the most common issues that arise in an international family law context, taking into account the repercussions of Brexit. It will provide step-by-step guidance on how to manage such cases. Your awareness, understanding and competence will be improved, giving you the confidence to take the correct action and avoid the pitfalls which might otherwise damage your client’s case and leave you potentially exposed to a complaint or claim.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Must I issue proceedings urgently, possibly without notice, to protect my client’s interests?
  • Forum choice: if proceedings are unavoidable, should my client issue here or there?
  • Children: what does it mean nowadays to be “habitually resident” somewhere?
  • Whose habitual residence is important? What international laws apply
  • to proceedings about children? How does my client get maintenance for them? And how to protect against the risk of abduction.
  • Practical considerations: service, disclosure, international recognition and enforcement.
This event will be presented by members of Resolution’s International Committee including Charlotte Bradley, Lucia Clark, Sarah Lucy Cooper, Daniel Eames, Nina Hansen, DDJ Fiona Read, David Truex and Anna Worwood. They will address issues and offer guidance covered by their online publication: Resolution Guide to International Family Law. Visit
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