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Resolution launches John Cornwell Award 2015

10 Feb 2015

jc award

Launched in 2013, the John Cornwell Award recognises a Resolution member - or group of members - who have gone the extra mile in their work to support separating families.

The inaugural award in 2013 was given to John Cornwell posthumously and presented to his wife Claire. The award recognises those ‘unsung heroes’who go above and beyond to promote the Code of Practice and, within that, Resolution’s core value of a non-confrontational approach. They may have undertaken charity fundraising to support families; or perhaps worked with their local media in an effort to promote the work of Resolution members; or placed the Code of

Practice at the centre of their work in some other way. Nominations can be made for an individual or a group of Resolution members who have made a difference, either through their work or outside their work environment. Nominees can come from any area of family law practice, and can fall under any membership category.

The most important thing is to provide evidence of what they have done and how they have made things better for separating families. Consider what makes your nominee different from others working in the same area; and explain how your nominee has shown innovation or creativity in delivering lasting results for families.

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The closing date for nominations is 5pm, Tuesday 3 March 2015. Go to the online nomination form.