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If you are intending to separate or divorce you can now take advantage of a service, operating in North Hampshire, which will help you settle out of court. It’s called collaborative law and it’s another way of sorting out the legal and practical issues following a relationship breakdown.

In the process each of you, represented by specially trained lawyers, agree in writing to reach a settlement by working together in a series of face-to-face meetings (known as ‘4-ways’) and without involving the court.

Traditionally, when couples split, they each take independent legal advice from specialist family lawyers and try to reach agreement of how best to settle their differences. Where couples can’t reach agreement, it is left to the family courts to decide, which can lead to heartache, delay and uncertainty.

Collaborative Law is a great alternative. You and your former partner sit down all together in the same meeting room with the help of your own specially trained collaborative law solicitor, and we work it out, face-to-face. Rather than dealing through your family solicitors, you work with them to reach the best outcome for you and your family.

Why collaborative law could be good for your situation:

  • More convenient. The process can be built around your family’s individual timetable and priorities, so you can control the pace of the negotiations and talk about the things that matter most to you and your family.
  • It’s quicker. You can start to sort things out sooner because it’s not driven by a rigid timetable imposed by the court.
  • More comfortable. You meet in a more relaxed venue, usually your respective solicitors’ offices, with the opportunity of taking regular breaks, rather than in an unfamiliar and rather daunting, overcrowded court.
  • More supportive. You each have your own specially trained collaborative law solicitor by your side to guide you through the process.
  • Much cheaper. Agreements reached through the collaborative process can be cheaper than battling through the courts, in addition to minimising the emotional cost.
  • Much friendlier. You and your former partner, with the help of your solicitors, work together to find mutually acceptable solutions in a dignified way; especially important if you have children and you need an ongoing relationship afterwards. It will help your children to cope better with your separation if they see that you are working things out together.
  • Most importantly, the key decisions you make about your future are yours – they are not imposed on you by a stranger in a court room.

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If you would like to discuss your situation with one of our members, click here. We are a group of family law solicitors, specially-trained by Resolution in collaborative law, based in Basingstoke, Winchester and the surrounding area. All the members of our group have several years of experience advising on divorce, separation, financial arrangements, children and other issues connected with relationship breakdown.

For a more detailed explanation of the Collaborative Law process, then please visit the Resolution website or simply telephone one of our members.

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