Resolution welcomes "the future of legal services" white paper recommendations

15 Oct 2005

Resolution welcomes the three key recommendations made in the White Paper “The Future of Legal Services: Putting Consumers First”, published by the government on Monday 17 October.

Vice-Chair Andrew Goldsmith said, “the current system is confusing for consumers and is ready for reform. For over twenty years we have represented our members and campaigned for better laws that will benefit the public. By separating the representative function of the profession, the new framework emphasizes the importance of this role for Resolution”.

Notes to Editors:
“The Future of Legal Services: Putting Consumers First” can be found at

Resolution’s 5,000 members are family lawyers committed to the non-adversarial resolution of family disputes. Resolution solicitors abide by a Code of Practice which emphasises a constructive approach to family problems and encourages solutions that take into account the needs of the whole family, and the best interests of any children in particular.