Ruling risks misinterpretation for heterosexual couples

26 Jul 2006

Today five Law Lords unanimously overturned an earlier ruling by the Court of Appeal that the daughters of a natural (biological) mother should reside with her former lesbian partner (who was not their biological parent), despite the fact that the natural mother was both their psychological and biological parent.

Commenting on the case of re: G (Children), Andrew Greensmith, chairman of campaigning family lawyers group Resolution, says:

“Clearly this case has its own individual idiosyncrasies, as it looks at the implications of biological parenting and psychological parenting in a same-sex relationship.

“Whatever the rights and wrongs of the ruling in this case, our fear is that some may choose to misinterpret its implications. This judgement does not assert the rights of a biological mother over those of a biological father in assessing how the best interests of any children are served. There is no presumption in favour of the mother in such cases.”

He stressed the importance of maintaining the privacy of the families concerned in the case.