Family Justice Council launches guide for Litigants in Person

News Release

06 Apr 2016

Speaking in response to the publication of the Family Justice Council’s guide for LiPs, “Sorting Out Finances on Divorce,” Resolution Chair Jo Edwards said:

79% of family cases now involved at least one unrepresented party, so this new guide from the Family Justice Council is a useful, timely and welcome resource for the increasing number of people who have no choice but to represent themselves in court

"However, I think the FJC would be among the first to say that there’s no substitute for well-timed, tailored legal advice. Unfortunately, since the cuts to legal aid, more and more people are forced to face what can be a complex legal process without any support.

"That’s why guidance like this is so important, and it’s why Resolution has put so much free information for the public on our website, including our guide for separating parents.

"We will continue to work with Government, the judiciary and our members to look at new and innovative ways that separating couples can get support in the aftermath of sweeping legal aid cuts."

UPDATE JUNE 2016: The FJC have now also published Guidance for the judiciary regarding financial needs on divorce