Funding for relationship support is welcome, but separating families also need resources

News Release

11 Jan 2016

Family law organisation Resolution welcomed today's Government announcement on increased funding for relationship support, but cautioned that equal attention needs to be given to the needs of separating and separated families.

Jo Edwards, chair of Resolution, comments: "We wholeheartedly welcome today's announcement by the Prime Minister of a boost in funding for relationship support and counselling. We work closely with many organisations in the relationship sector and believe that, if a relationship has any prospect of being saved, support and resources must be made available for couples, particularly where children are involved."

"However, equal attention needs to be given to the needs of separated and separating families. Support for legal help during separation for those who need it, especially for people who need to escape an abusive relationship, is of vital importance. This need is even more stark after most family cases were removed from the scope of legal aid three years ago. While many relationships may be saved by this new Government initiative, some will inevitably go on to separate, and their needs, and those of their children, must be considered as an equal priority for Government."