Diary note: Landmark judgement affecting thousands failed by Child Support Agency published Tuesday 19th June

15 Jun 2007


On Tuesday 19 June at 10am, the Appeal Court will rule for the first time on Rowley v Secretary of State for Department of Work and Pensions - a judgement that could have far reaching implications for the thousands of families failed by the CSA.

The decision will help clarify whether and in what circumstances families failed by the CSA can obtain compensation through the courts.

On Tuesday 8th May single parent Denise Rowley asked the Appeal Court to rule on whether she can bring a case that the Child Support Agency (CSA) was negligent in its handling of her claim for child maintenance.

This is the first time that the Courts have been asked to rule on whether the CSA owes a duty of care to the parents and children on whose behalf it collects maintenance.

It is also the first time that family law group, Resolution, has formally intervened in a case in its 24-year history.

Kim Fellowes, who chairs Resolution’s Child Support committee, will be available for interview on Tuesday on the implications of the judgement, alongside Denise Rowley’s solicitor and Resolution member, Stephen Lawson.

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