Compulsory use of new legal aid administration system postponed

Comment Piece

25 Jun 2015

Over the last two years, Resolution been communicating our members’ concerns about the Government's legal aid Client and Costs Management System (CCMS) to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).

More recently we have worked closely with other representative bodies, to continue to ask for significant improvements to the system before any compulsion to use it. Last week the LAA announced that the date for compulsory use of CCMS has been delayed until 1 February 2016. We hope that this delay will give them an opportunity to make the changes to the system that are needed in order to make it fit for use by our members.

We would like to encourage Resolution members to continue to use the CCMS and to provide feedback to the Legal Aid Agency and to Resolution on any problems you experience, as this will shape the development of the system and ensure we are aware of your concerns.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback in the last few weeks and months – it is because of you that we have had the evidence to make a compelling case to the LAA for delaying the compulsory roll-out of CCMS. We will continue to work with our members to press for the changes that have been promised and assess their effectiveness once implemented.