House of Lords highlight Resolution's work - our view

Comment Piece

27 Nov 2014

Yesterday, Resolution’s Family Dispute Resolution Week was debated in the House of Lords. And it seems our messages have been heard by Ministers.

In response to a question by Baroness Deech, asking the government what their view was on our survey on the impact of divorce on children, the Justice Minister Lord Faulks replied:

“My Lords, the Government agree with Resolution that parents need to minimise conflict when separating or divorcing to reduce adverse impacts on children.”

But word of Resolution’s work in this area has clearly got out. Later in the debate, Lord Beecham, Labour’s Justice Spokesperson in the Lords, asked about our Family Matters pilot project:

“My Lords, what assessment have the Government made of the Family Matters project, currently being piloted in Oxford, Crewe and Newcastle, which addresses the problems faced by families and children in these circumstances?”

It’s significant that Lords are asking these questions and that Ministers are responding in such a way.

Not just because we want Resolution’s messages to be heard by as many people as possible.

But because, in the post-legal aid landscape, there are many more questions to be asked about how we take forward the core principles, espoused in our Code of Practice, which should underpin the way any separation or divorce is conducted.

We’ll be creating more opportunities to do so in the near future, not least with the launch of our Manifesto for Family Law in the new year. But for the time being, we’re happy that our awareness-raising week, started only three years ago, is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

You can read the transcript of the whole House of Lords debate on the Parliament website.