Resolution's response to walk-out of criminal legal aid lawyers

07 Mar 2014

Today criminal legal aid lawyers are staging a second walk-out in protest at the cuts to legal aid. Solicitors and barristers are expected not to attend criminal cases in magistrates and crown courts throughout England and Wales. The walk-out is taking place as a protest over the government’s decision to make cuts of £220 million from the annual criminal legal aid budget.

Resolution members stand shoulder to shoulder with colleagues working in the criminal law field and support the walk-out. Resolution campaigned heavily against cuts to family legal aid, which have had a massive detrimental impact on our members, their firms and, most importantly, the clients they were previously able to help.

These cuts to criminal legal aid will only add to the narrowing of support for some of the most vulnerable members of society, many of whom have multiple legal issues, and they will feel the impacts of these cuts most heavily.