Family legal aid and mediation

16 Oct 2007

Responding to the report on family legal aid and mediation, published today by the Committee of Public Accounts, Resolution said that it strongly supports mediation. We train and accredit family mediators and have more than 250 in our membership.

“The 5,000 family Lawyers who are members of Resolution are dedicated to keeping families out of court wherever possible. Mediation has much to recommend it – but where there is a history of domestic violence or abuse, or where one person refuses to cooperate, mediation will probably not be appropriate,” said Resolution Chair, Jane McCulloch.

“Members of Resolution all commit to discussing with their clients options like mediation and other ways of avoiding court. In fact over 90% of cases involving solicitors who are members of Resolution settle without going to court.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes and what is good for one isn’t necessarily appropriate for another. What is important is that families are given the options and guided towards the process best suited to their individual circumstances,” said Jane McCulloch.

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