Justice Select Committee urges divorce fee u-turn

News Release

20 Jun 2016

The Justice Select Committee has today published the findings of its inquiry into recent rises in court fees.

The report recommends that the government rescinds the increase in the divorce petition fee from £410 to £550. This comes after Resolution provided written and oral evidence to the committee's inquiry, calling for such a recommendation.

Welcoming the report, Resolution Chair Nigel Shepherd said:

"We are pleased to see the Justice Select Committee has listened to Resolution's evidence and recommended the government rescind the recent rise in fees for divorce petitions.

"The committee rightly recognises that this rise effectively amounted to a new tax on divorce; and that by raising it, people were being charged around twice what it actually costs to process a divorce petition.

"At the time the hike was announced, court staff, our members, and the people they help were given only a few days’ notice of the new fee. We said then that the government should have waited until this report was published.

"Now that it has, we urge Ministers to listen to the Committee, reverse the fee hike, and reimburse the thousands of people who have been unfairly penalised as a result of the divorce tax."