Legal Aid cuts - Resolution response to Q v Q

News Release

10 Jun 2014

Speaking in response to the judgment issued this week by the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, in the case of Q v Q, Resolution Chair Jo Edwards said:

"This judgment from Sir James Munby confirms what Resolution and everyone involved in family law has feared: that without legal aid, there is a real impact on access to justice.

"It reminds us that legal aid isn’t about funding for lawyers - in fact a fifth of legal aid family lawyers earn less than the UK’s average salary. It’s about providing help to the people who need it most, so that cases can be looked at fairly and with equal treatment for both parties.

"It is absolutely right for Sir James to ask Ministers to intervene – and I hope they will look very seriously at this.

"Otherwise, if matters continue on their current trajectory, legal representation, advice and support will be the preserve of those who can afford it, not those who are in most need.”