More about us

Some key facts

Resolution was founded in 1982 and used to be known as The Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA). Resolution:

  • Develops and promotes the highest standards of practice
  • Supports the development of family lawyers through training publications, good practice guides and an accreditation scheme
  • Campaigns for improvements to family law and the family justice system
  • Acts as the voice for family lawyers with government and the media

View Resolution's Articles of Association (updated 2016).

What is Resolution?

Resolution’s 6,500 members are family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales who are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Resolution members encourage sensitive, cost-effective solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the best interests of the children.

Our members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems.

Who are Resolution’s members?

Our membership includes solicitors and other legal staff in family law firms. They all have specialist training in relation to their work with separating couples and children.

A number of other professionals in the family justice system, such as barristers, counsellors and therapists and people who work with children, are affiliated to and work closely with Resolution.

What makes Resolution lawyers special?

Resolution members abide by a Code of Practice which emphasises a constructive approach to family problems and which encourages solutions that take into account the needs of the whole family and the best interests of any children.

Resolution is committed to developing and promoting best standards in the practice of family law and explores and promotes other ways of resolving family disputes, such as mediation and collaborative law, so that couples have alternatives to going to court.

In over 90% of cases handled by Resolution lawyers, agreements are reached without the court having to make the final decision.

What is Resolution’s Code of Practice?

The Code of Practice is the cornerstone of Resolution, promoting an approach to family law that is sensitive, constructive, cost-effective and most likely to result in an agreement.

  • All members must agree to follow the Code
  • The code is now incorporated into the Law Society’s Family Law Protocol, a guide to good practice for all family solicitors

How has Resolution made a difference to family law?

The widespread adoption of our Code of Practice and its endorsement by the courts has fundamentally changed the way that family law cases are handled.

  • Couples are encouraged to settle disputes by negotiation wherever possible, with court action seen as a last resort
  • Parents are urged to deal with each other constructively and to focus on their continuing responsibilities to their children
  • Disputes over financial matters and child care arrangements are kept separate
  • Individuals and couples are referred to other professionals such as counsellors and mediators when they may be helpful

Through their non-confrontational approach, Resolution members help families complete the divorce or separation process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Resolution campaigns

We work to raise public awareness and understanding of family law issues as well as the benefits of the Resolution approach that seeks the best outcomes for family disputes.

We also campaign on:

  • Improvements needed to the Government’s system of Child Support
  • Raising public awareness of the lack of rights of those who live together as a couple without being married
  • Proposals for a new law to create a safety-net to protect vulnerable people in cohabiting relationships
  • Making pre-marital agreements enforceable to reduce the scope for disputes over finances and help couples to avoid the uncertainty of the courts’ approach
  • Ensuring legal aid services remain available to the most vulnerable people involved in family law disputes

How can a Resolution member help me?

For many facing divorce or separation, a trusted lawyer plays a big role in helping to sort out often complex issues involving the care of the children, the home and the finances.

Wherever you are there is a resolution lawyer near you, ready to help.

Many will offer a free or fixed fee initial meeting to discuss your individual circumstances and to explain how the Resolution approach can best help you through the challenges ahead.

They will listen and advise, respecting your choices. They may suggest you consider other processes which could help, like mediation or a collaborative approach.

All Resolution lawyers follow the same Code of Practice, but not all Resolution lawyers are the same.

Many have particular skills, some as accredited specialists in different areas of family law – like divorce finances, domestic abuse or international cases.

Some are mediators too, so can help you and your partner work things out together.

Some are collaborative lawyers – who work with you, your partner and your partner’s lawyer, all together, to find solutions.