Money and home

If you are at the beginning of the divorce process, a real concern you may have is what the financial outcome of your split will be. You may well have worries over whether you'll be able to keep the family home or whether your children will have to change schools, how much money you'll have to live on and what the status of your and your partner's pensions may be. These pages look at some of these crucial questions in more depth.

Ask the expert: Resolution's Nigel Shepherd on money and home

What is an Independent Financial Adviser?

The use of a specially trained Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) can bring a better understanding of the issues, resulting in a smoother resolution for the couple involved. The rigorous training and examination process involved in attaining Resolution Accreditation means that the Accredited IFA not only has an inā€depth understanding of the proper way to calculate and separate couples’ finances, but also has the softer skills of negotiation essential to a “good” divorce. They are all pensions specialists, and are used to guiding clients through complex financial planning issues. The IFA works in conjunction with your lawyers to provide specific advice on all aspects of financial planning, but considering pensions, mortgages and protection in particular.