Making a complaint about a mediator member

Resolution is a founding member of the Family Mediation Council (FMC), the organisation that sets the standards for family mediators. The FMC has its own Code of Practice and Resolution can consider complaints against Resolution mediators who have full membership status and who have breached that Code.

Some mediators belong to more than one of the member organisations. Your Agreement to mediate will tell you which member organisation you can make a complaint to. If the agreement shows a complaint can be raised with any member organisation, we will discuss with you which organisation is best to handle the concerns.

Steps to take if you want to complain about a Resolution mediator or your mediation:

Step 1

Contact your Resolution mediator and raise your concern with them so they have the opportunity to deal with it directly. If that does not resolve things, you should make a formal complaint to their firm or practice and give them sufficient time to respond (up to eight weeks). 

Step 2

If you are not happy with the response, you need to contact us. You can fill out the online mediation complaint form or call our office on 01689 820 272.

Step 3 

The file your mediator will hold about your mediation is confidential, therefore your mediator will need to contact the other person involved in the mediation to ask for their permission for us to see any details from it. If the other person agrees, we can then deal with your complaint following our usual Complaints Procedure.

It may also be possible to appeal to the FMC on a complaints matter once all stages of our complaints process about a mediator member have come to an end. Details will be provided to you as appropriate.