Lobby Day 2016

On 30 November, over 150 family justice professionals are coming to Parliament to meet with their local MPs. 

They're coming to talk to them about why the Government needs to allow for no fault divorce. 

No fault divorce is a major part of our Manifesto for Family Law, and formed a key part of Nigel Shepherd's (National Chair of Resolution) inaugural speech to members.

  • At present, in order to divorce, unless couples have been living apart for two years, one of them needs to apportion some form of blame –adultery or unreasonable behaviour.
  • This often creates conflict and makes reaching a mutually acceptable agreement much more difficult. 
  • We're particularly concerned about the impact conflict and confrontation between separating parents has on their children.
  • In a recent survey of Resolution members, over 90% agree that no fault divorce should be available to separating couples.

Support our campaign

If you're not able to take part in the Lobby Day, you can still show your support for no fault divorce:

  • Sign up to our Thunderclap before 30th November, and share the image below on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn
  • Write to your MP and ask them to support our call for no fault divorce
  • Use any blogs you write or contribute to highlight why no fault divorce is needed
  • Join in on Twitter using the hashtag #abetterway

Thank you for supporting the Lobby Day, and our call for no fault divorce.