Making a complaint about a lawyer member

Making a complaint to Resolution

Full details of our complaint process, including what you can expect, can be found in our Complaints Policy and Procedure. You can also download a flowchart that outlines our complaints process

We can only take complaints about Resolution members, so you will need to check that they are a member.

Before you make a complaint to Resolution

Your first step is to contact the Resolution lawyer or mediator to raise your concern so they have the opportunity to deal with it directly. If that does not resolve things, you should make a formal complaint to their firm or practice and give them sufficient time to respond (up to eight weeks). 

You should also check our Complaints policy and procedure to make sure you meet the criteria for making a complaint (for example, we can't take your complaint if your case is ongoing or if a regulator is still investigating). 

Step 1 

Get in touch with us. You can either complete our online complaints form, or, if you would like to talk through your issue, you can give us a call on 01689 820 272. 

Step 2

Most concerns can be dealt with informally and this is the starting point for any complaint or concern. Our Head of Complaints will assess the complaint and speak with you to find out any further information needed. We will discuss how the complaint may be resolved, in line with our Code of Practice. We will listen to your concerns and explore how we may be able to help to resolve or record them. 

If it isn't possible to resolve your complaint or concern informally, we will discuss taking the complaint further. 

Step 3

We will contact the member concerned to discuss the complaint, how they might best respond in the circumstances, and your view on the possible outcome. We may need to provide them with the complaint form, so that they can provide a response (but we will discuss this with you first). We will provide the member with information about what is expected by way of a response.

At this stage we ask for an explanation (or, where there are any ongoing negotiations or proceedings in place, whether they can respond to your concerns at this stage) about their actions and the reasons for them so this can be provided to you. 

Step 4

Once we have received the member's response we will contact you to discuss it. If you are happy with the response, the process will end here. If you are not happy with the response, and providing there are no ongoing proceedings or negotiations in place, you can ask for the matter to be referred to the Practice Standards Panel, who will assess the complaint. 

Step 5

If the Practice Standards Panel feel your complaint is justified, they will suggest a plan of action. You can find the actions the panel can take on our What actions Resolution can take page. The decision of the Practice Standards Panel is final unless the grounds for appeal are met. You can see the criteria for appeals in our Complaints policy and procedure.