Difficult divorce

Difficult divorce situations

There are some situations where it isn’t possible to have a
cooperative parenting relationship. This section will look at
how domestic abuse can affect children and provide tips
on how to talk to children about domestic abuse and
.It also looks at what you can do if your ex
tries to turn your children against you
and provides
some general tips for managing difficult situations

Domestic abuse and addiction

Parenting tips domestic abuse

Advice on what you can do if there is abuse or addiction involved.

Talking to children about domestic abuse

Tips for difficult divorce

Tips on how to talk to your children about domestic abuse and help them to know it is not their fault.

When your children are turned against you

DA and addiction

Sometimes, a parent may try to turn their children against their ex. Find out how to deal with this difficult situation.

Tips for parenting during a difficult divorce

When a parent turns a child against

General tips for parenting when the situation is difficult.