Help us spread the word

Help spread the word

Nearly a third of adults in England and Wales mistakenly think that couples acquire 'common law' rights after being married for a certain amount of time or having children together.

This is not the case, and trusting in these non-existant protections can put unmarried partners at a significant disadvantage if the relationship breaks down.

There are actions a couple can take to make sure they are protected -- but they first need to know they are vulnerable.

We all know a couple who lives together, and we've provided resources below to help you spread the word.

Template letter to the editor

Download and tailor our template letter to the editor and send it off to your local news outlet.

Ask your MP for support

Ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion, calling for greater legal protection for cohabitants

Public factsheet

If you'd like to send your MP additional information or if you'd like to share more information with the public, download our factsheet Mythbusting 'Common-Law Marriage'.

Advice provider factsheet

This factsheet provides basic information for advice providers, helping them highlight key considerations to unmarried couples they deal with professionally.

Cohabitation graphics

Share our infographics, mythbusting common misconceptions around 'common-law marriage'.

Template news release

Download and tailor our template news release for members to send to their local press outlets.