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Taking the right legal advice - specialist family lawyers

When couples separate or divorce, or where they have to make decisions about the care of their children, they need the right legal advice, delivered with care, sensitivity and compassion. Resolution members know that when people are dealing with family separation and change, it’s about much more than just the law.

Because all Resolution members commit to following a strict Code of Practice, it means they will work with you, and others, to reduce the emotional and financial impact of separation. They strive to help you find the best way to resolve things for you and your family.

  • With a Resolution member the focus will be on helping you to achieve an outcome that works for you and for the future of everyone involved.
  • If you are a parent, a Resolution member will always help you to put your children and their needs first.
  • Our members realise the importance of helping you sort things out fairly and in a way that works for you and for all the family.
  • Using this approach could cost you less - emotionally and financially - and is likely to be better and longer lasting than if a court imposes a solution on you.
  • Sometimes Court proceedings are unavoidable – Resolution has specialists who can explain, assist and support you through any proceedings that are necessary.
  • Many are experts in their particular fields – known as Resolution Accredited Specialists.

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How Resolution Specialists can help

Resolution Specialists are members who have chosen to test their skills and expertise through a rigorous assessment of their knowledge, abilities and way that they work with you and other people.

To qualify, a Resolution Specialist must:

  • Be a full and current member of Resolution.
  • Have a thorough general knowledge of family law including divorce, domestic abuse, child law and family finances, the range of dispute resolution solutions that might help, for example mediation.
  • Be able to show that they have been working in family law almost or entirely exclusively, and as a result have developed expertise in their chosen area.
  • Keep up to date with law and practice.
  • Have detailed knowledge, experience and expertise in two specialist areas of family law.

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Why choose a Resolution Specialist?

You should choose a Resolution Specialist because:

  • They will deal with what you need to sort out in a way that limits or prevents conflict and distress and helps you move forward, confident that you have reached an outcome that works for you and your family.
  • They will have the expertise and experience to deal with your matter effectively and efficiently, which may be more cost effective.
  • If you need help in one of the areas listed below and choose a Resolution member who is a specialist in that area, you will be safe in the knowledge that he or she has the right level of expertise to deal with it.

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Areas of expertise

Resolution Specialists cover a range of areas of the law arising from family life including:

  • Adoption
  • Child abduction
  • Children Law – (disputes between parents or relatives, or with a local authority)
  • Cohabitation (the law relating to unmarried couples)
  • Complex financial and property matters
  • Domestic abuse
  • Emergency Procedures in financial and property matters
  • European and international law
  • Financial arrangements for children
  • Forced marriage and honour based violence
  • Insolvency (not having enough money to pay debts - leading to bankruptcy)
  • Pensions
  • Preparing and presenting cases in court

If your case involves local authority care proceedings the Law Society also has a panel of specialist who can help you.

Find a Resolution Specialist in your area

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Finding a Resolution Specialist near you

Only Resolution Specialists are entitled to display the special gold logo, so look out for this first.

You can then choose a Resolution member in your area with a particular specialism. Our website also gives information about our Code of Practice and helpful information on different areas of family law.

Contact Resolution

Telephone us on 08457 585 671 or email

Ask your solicitor if you and your solicitor decide you need more in depth advice on a particular area, your solicitor can refer you to an accredited specialist.