Member stories

Here some of our members share their thoughts about Resolution membership, revealing how it has helped them to develop professionally, and how they have benefited personally

“I have stayed a member as I truly believe in the ethos of the organisation. We make huge changes to peoples’ lives and the way we deal with their cases can have significant impacts on them, their children and wider family members. The networking aspect of the organisation is important as it provides a great opportunity to chat through tricky issues with other family lawyers, and to realise that everyone goes through stressful times, simply because of the very nature of our work.”

Elizabeth Hicks, London

“People should choose a Resolution lawyer because members have committed themselves to adopting a solution focussed approach to their clients’ problems. The organisation has changed family law for the better by introducing and supporting practical methods of adopting solution focussed approaches to the resolution of disputes within families. Whilst I was Chair of Resolution, and throughout my membership of NC, I was most proud to be a member of an association which rather than being a professional membership organisation with the interests of its members at its heart, continued to develop as an association which constantly strove to represent the interests of those people its members represented.”

District Judge Greensmith, Burnley

“I get many things from my role in Resolution. I am more recognised in the region, and have made many new friends and acquaintances, which has led to me picking up work purely as a result of knowing more people. I also enjoy being involved in the debate about the future of family law and attending national events. I encourage anyone working in family law to become an active member of Resolution, whatever it is they are seeking to gain from their career.”

Philip Barnsley, Birmingham

“Resolution provides a forum for me to find other like-minded people and to hold discussions, and is also a vehicle that can see those changes put into effect.”

Stephen Anderson, Suffolk

“I would say that I get the most benefit out of the Resolution practice guides and training events, which are highly regarded amongst the profession.”

Rachael Oakes, Oxfordshire

“Soon after joining I was invited to join the South Yorkshire Committee where I was able to sit alongside some of the most skilful practitioners in the area. They have each supported and encouraged me in ways that other young lawyers would never get the chance to experience. Now fully qualified, I’m approached by other young members for advice, because they know I have my own support network in place and have learned from the best. The resources available from Resolution make giving good client care effortless. The training provided at local level is always second to none because specialist Counsel and Judges are always delighted to support the organisation in any way they can.”

David Lister, Doncaster

“Resolution is the natural home of all family lawyers of worth in my opinion. Membership enables me to develop my career and mix in the right circles. As a member, I worry less about missing something or having gaps in my knowledge. The Code encourages best practice, and membership has commercial considerations in terms of providing a ‘badge’ to demonstrate to clients and referrers.”

Karen Barham, Surrey

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