Which membership?


Join Resolution today and you'll access the tools and networks that provide a professional advantage, while becoming part of the largest network of family justice professionals. 

Membership is open to anyone working in family law, the family justice sector or with separating or separated families. You'll either join as a Member or an Associate Member, and you'll have immediate access to all the benefits of membership. There has never been a better time to join. 

Who can join as a Member?

  • Solicitor
  • Legal Executive
  • Paralegal
  • Mediator
  • Barrister

Members are required to attend a Code in Practice course within a year of joining Resolution, which can be completed online or face to face. Find out more about our Member category criteria or join now

Who can join as an Associate Member?

  • Therapeutic Professional
  • Financial Professional
  • Social Care Professional
  • Lawyer from another jurisdiction
  • Law Lecturer or Academic
  • Judge
  • Expert Witness
  • Other Family Justice Professional

If you fall under the following categories you can join Resolution as an Associate Member at a reduced rate.

  • Resolution Supporter
  • Trainee

Associate Members are required to commit to the Resolution Code of Practice.

Find out more about the Associate Membership criteria or join now

If you want to discuss your membership options or have any questions then please email us or call 020 3841 0300.