How to get a divorce or dissolution

If your marriage or civil partnership is breaking down, it's important to get legal advice from a Resolution lawyer. You will find that the sooner you know what you can expect from the process, the sooner you will be able to start planning.

Some lawyers will offer a free or fixed fee first meeting to outline your options and advise whether you are eligible for legal aid. Your lawyer may suggest you consider mediation or using collaborative law

Dissolution of a civil partnership

The process for dissolution of civil partnership is the same as for divorce. The only exception is adultery, which is a specific legal term relating to heterosexual sex and which cannot therefore be used as grounds for dissolving a civil partnership. If your partner is unfaithful the grounds for dissolution would instead be unreasonable behaviour.

Where the term 'divorce' is used on these pages it should be taken to include dissolution of civil partnership.

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Getting a divorce