Precedents for Consent Orders 9th Edition (online)

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03 Mar 14
2014 edition of the ultimate drafting guide.

This edition is currently only available to members online. It's available in a printable format and as an online drafting tool.

This publication is the result of many hours of preparation, research and debate by the drafting committee, and some much-appreciated input from other experts outside of the committee and outside of Resolution. It has also been read and approved by the Association of District Judges.

The online version of the Precedents allows you to input your client’s information, which can then be merged with the relevant precedents you select to include in your agreement. The final agreement can be exported in Word format to complete the drafting process.

Changes included in the 9th Edition

As well as a complete revision of the previous edition and many new clauses, two of the more important changes to this issue are a re-ordering of the subject matter to better reflect the way consent orders are prepared.

Beyond the content changes, the big innovation is developing the new online version. Moving online offers more flexibility to update the orders, both in line with any mandatory changes the President may introduce, and in response to any changes in statute, case law and Practice Directions.

The 9th edition also takes account of the Family Orders Project House Rules 2013, which made a number of changes to the terminology, layout and phrasing of the orders.
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