POD Training Packs (PDF)

Date added:
02 Feb 15
The aim of POD training exercises are to:
  • enhance your existing collaborative skills,
  • refresh your collaborative learning, develop new skills with collaborative colleagues in your POD;
  • provide tips to take away with practical ideas to enhance your collaborative practice;
  • encourage the building of relations with POD colleagues from different disciplines;
  • promote team working for the benefit of our collaborative clients and the generation of new collaborative work within PODs;
  • promote the development of POD protocols for successful collaborative working.
POD Pack #1: Building our interdisciplinary communities

This session is designed to focus on the importance of the multi-disciplinary community in collaborative work with clients:
  • How does the community add value for clients?
  • How to improve the cost effectiveness of accessing different experts at different stages;
  • Synergy of working together for the benefit of clients;
  • Aftercare that can be offered to separating couples
POD Pack #2: Involving a family consultant in a collaborative case

This session focuses on a role play between two collaborative practitioners, their clients and a family consultant. The role play runs through tough issues to consider, such as:
  • When is best to introduce the role of the Family Consultant?
  • How to define the role of the Family Consultant for clients;
  • How much information should be given to the Family Consultant about the couple dynamic?
POD Pack #3: Matching our clients to the collaborative process

This training pack considers the process of screening clients for the collaborative process:
  • Why do we screen?
  • What themes need to be considered during a screening process?
  • When do we screen?
  • How do we screen? What should we ask?
  • Provides example screening questions and top tips.
The exercises look at the value of asking open and reflective questions, listening actively and reflecting and summarising with the client.
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POD training packs are available in PDF digital format only.