Feedback, comments and complaints

Feedback and comments

As a membership association, the work of our staff, the standards of practice of all of our members, and the services we deliver to the public, practitioners and members are very important to us.

As a means of constantly monitoring, reviewing and improving the services provided by Resolution and our members, we welcome any feedback, comments (the good and the bad) and any suggestions for how we can improve.

To feed back to us, please use our feedback form. If you wish to complain about one of our members, see below.


If you think a Resolution member hasn't worked within our Code of Practice, you can make a complaint. You can complain about your own Resolution lawyer or mediator, or a Resolution lawyer who has been acting for someone else involved in your case. 

Before making a complaint, please look at the guidance on what types of complaints we can consider. Resolution is not a regulator which means we can only take complaints about a member breaching our Code of Practice (or concerns that fall under the Family Mediation Council code of practice if they are a Resolution mediator).

If, for example, your complaint is about professional misconduct, such as criminal behaviour, delays or not replying to correspondence, you would need to use the member's firm's complaint process. If you are not satisfied with the firm's response, you would then need to contact their regulator. 

If you do go to the member's regulator, we would be grateful if you could send us a copy of the regulator's decision as this may have an impact on the membership status of the member. 

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