What our members say about YRes


"Through YRes I have met other junior family practitioners and built a strong support network not only on a local level but also nationally. 

My local YRes events have enabled me to build up my working knowledge of family law in practice through seminars aimed at junior practitioners and have provided me with an invaluable opportunity to network with my peers.

The people that you meet through YRes will be alongside you for the whole of your career. Investing in those links at an early stage will help you to build long-lasting relationships that can provide you with support throughout every stage of your professional life."

Sarah Green, National Committee - Resolution

“Being a member of YRes helps ensure that family lawyers at the start of their career can have their voices heard and opinions represented at a local and national level.”

Gemma Hope, YRes member

“When I was a young, recently qualified solicitor I joined the London YRes Committee. When I later decided to stand for election to the Regional Committee, and much later to National Committee, I felt huge trepidation as I did not know if it was too soon and if I had anything to offer. In truth, the next generation of Resolution has a vital role to play in the organisation and has so much to offer.”

Jo Edwards, National Committee – Resolution

“YRes is the future of family law and everything that our organisation stands for.”

Lucy Loizou, Resolution member

"Joining YRes and becoming an active member in my region has helped shaped my career in family law. It has enabled me to build a working relationship with my peers, who have become referral partners. Through those relationships I have also gained friendship and support.

YRes has helped increase my profile amongst other family lawyers in my area, and has provided me with links to other YRes members nationally (so there is always someone to pick up the phone to if you find yourself in an unfamiliar court!).

The regional YRes seminars are specifically aimed at junior practitioners and have therefore helped me improve my knowledge and experience as I have progressed through my career. YRes has been invaluable professionally, socially and for my personal development as a family lawyer."

Joanne Radcliff, National Committee - Resolution

“For me, YRes has acted as a springboard and a safety net at the same time. I have always felt part of a much bigger network of people who were in the same position as me. As I've become more experienced, my junior colleagues within YRes have come to rely upon me for support and guidance, which is exactly what I wanted from the organisation when I first joined. It's nice to see that pattern continuing. We on the national committee, want that ethos to continue to grow, which is why I am committed to developing and expending the YRes profile.”

David Lister, Chair - National YRes Committee

“I was national Chair of Resolution for the first time between 1995-1997 when the idea of YRes first came up. I remember very clearly a presentation made to me by three dynamic young family solicitors who were passionate about what it could achieve. One of those, Caitlin Jenkins, is now one of my partners at Mills & Reeve!

I think this illustrates perfectly how important it is for family lawyers in the earlier stages of their career to become involved in Resolution. YRes is the natural starting point. It provides a forum for expanding legal, practical and commercial skills and the friendships and professional networks that members establish result in business opportunities that more than justify the commitment in terms of membership fees and time out of the office.”

Nigel Shepherd, National Committee - Resolution