Specialist Accreditation

Resolution’s Specialist Accreditation Scheme has been developed to recognise members who have demonstrated excellence in the practice of family law and in the areas in which they specialise. 

In an ever changing environment, it’s critical to possess the skills to give you an edge over your peers and demonstrate to prospective clients your expertise.

The Resolution Specialist Acreditation Schemes are voluntary. The specialist expertise of accredited members has been assessed and verified by Resolution. 

What are the benefits of Specialist Accreditation?

Becoming a Resolution Accredited Specialist helps:

  • Show potential clients and professional referrers that you are an expert they should turn to.
  • Stand out from the crowd when you promote your Specialist status.
  • Enhance your reputation and that of your firm.
  • Get recognition for the expertise you have worked so hard to achieve.
  • Increase your career prospects and enhance your CV. 

The scheme is based on a framework of competencies. The advantages of the scheme are: 

  • You are able to decide, from the published competencies, whether you meet the required level of competence. This means you can apply for Specialist Accreditation when you think you are ready to.
  • The competencies are published in the Prospectus so you know what is required of you when making your application.
  • The system is open and transparent –  the papers you work on and submit will be assessed against the required competencies; thus ensuring an objective assessment of your knowledge and skills
  • When completing your Portfolios you are able to directly demonstrate your knowledge and skills through submission of examples from your own practice.

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