Divorce and parenting 3

Divorce and parenting

A divorce or separation can be a difficult time for everyone,
including your children and other family members.
This section looks at dealing with the emotions involved,
supporting your children through this time, managing
parenting after the split
 and how to manage the situation
if domestic abuse or addiction is involved. There is
also a section written for grandparents, looking at
how they can support the family during this time. 

The emotions of separating

Emotions edited 2

Find out how you can cope with your emotions and manage the relationship with your ex so you can better support your children.

Supporting your children

supporting children ed

Deciding how and when to tell your children about the split is worrying. Find tips on talking and listening to your children as well as how grandparents can support you all during this time.

Life after divorce

Mother and baby

You may no longer be together but you do still have to be parents. Find out how to still be parents as ex partners and, when you’re ready, how to introduce new partners.

Difficult divorce situations

Difficult divorce

There are some situations where cooperative parenting may be impossible. Find out more about domestic abuse, addiction and what to do if your ex is turning the children against you.