Resolution's complaint process

Our complaint procedure exists to make sure that members follow the Code of Practice.

As Resolution is not a regulator, we only take complaints about breaches of the Code of Practice, or in the case of Resolution mediators, the Family Mediation Council Code of Practice. We can give you information of who to complain to if it isn't about our Code.

Our full complaints policy and procedure is available to download. Alternatively, you can download an overview diagram of the process.

Acting in a constructive way is at the heart of all that we do. Therefore, we will try to resolve your complaint as quickly and appropriately as possible. We do this by establishing what has happened, finding out what you hope will happen by making the complaint, and by asking the member concerned to provide an explanation and - where called for or required - an apology. 

Before making a complaint, please see our guidance on what type of complaints we can consider. It may be that the issue is a service complaint, in which case you would need to speak to the member's firm or regulatory body. Resolution is not a regulator and we cannot provide compensation, nor can we order that fees are reimbursed to you. 

What we expect from you

We will always treat you with respect and we will do our best to handle any concern or complaint efficiently, effectively and fairly.

In turn, we ask that you treat our staff, volunteers and members of Resolution with the same respect. We know that occasionally emotions can spill over during the complaints process. Particularly if the outcome is not the one you hoped for. However, any abusive or offensive behaviour will be dealt with in line with our Unacceptable behaviour policy