Cohabitation Awareness Week

Cohabitating Couples' rights

Living together? Great! Unfortunately the law hasn't quite caught up with the times, and both you and your partner could be at risk if the relationship ends.

If you and your partner aren't married or in a civil partnership, you might be surprised that you have very little legal protection if you break up. It doesn’t matter if you've lived together for years or have children. You are not legally recognised as a couple, making it very difficult to claim a share in the family home or your partner’s finances if you split.

For couples living together it can seem normal for one partner to give up work to care for children or elderly relatives – or for the couple to make a verbal agreement where one pays the mortgage and the other pays the bills. But without having an agreement in place, the court can't make your ex pay maintenance to support you just because it might be fair.

What are your rights?

What's the problem and what is the risk? Information on your rights when living together and how you can protect yourself and your family.

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