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Resolution works to raise public awareness and understanding of family law issues as well as the benefits of constructive and non-confrontational approaches to family disputes.

Resolution Manifesto for Family Law

Resolution's Manifesto for Family Law, launched in February 2015, sets out the changes that we want to see to the justice system to make it fit for modern British families.

We want to see a family justice system that

  • provides support through relationship breakdown
  • puts children first, helping separating / separated parents to work together in the child’s best interests
  • provides fair and lasting outcomes on relationship breakdown
  • protects all those at risk of harm and sufferers of domestic abuse.

Our Manifesto, developed by our committees and hardworking volunteers, identifies six key areas where changes are needed to our family justice system:

  1. Protect vulnerable people going through separation 
  2. Introduce measures to keep divorce out of court 
  3. Introduce a Parenting Charter to help parents understand their responsibilities when they separate
  4. Allow people to divorce without blame
  5. Give people more financial clarity on divorce 
  6. Protect couples who live together 


Download a copy of the Manifesto for Family Law

Download a copy of the Parenting Charter

Policy, briefings and responses

We seek to influence policy developments to ensure the best outcomes for separating families, and draw particular attention to the interests of children. Read more: