Mother and baby

Life after divorce

Although you are no longer together, you are still parents.
This section looks at how you can manage the parenting
with your ex, help your children live
between two homes and how you can have a healthy
relationship with your children. It also looks at how you
can introduce step families and new partners into your life.

Tips for parenting apart

managing issues related to your child

Tips on how to be the best parents you can be, even though you are apart.

Managing life between two homes

Maintaining rels with your kids

Working out the practicalities of who is where and when can be stressful. Here you’ll find tips on how best to manage sharing the children’s time.

Maintaining relationships with your children

Maintaining rels with your kids

If you’ve moved out of the home you may be worried about keeping in touch. Find out how you can stay in touch with your children.

Step families

Step families

Tips on how to introduce new partners, new families and what to do if you are the new partner in a family.