Advice for parents

  • Unsure how to tell your children about your separation or divorce?
  • Worried about how your decisions today will affect their future?
  • Want to know more about how to help your children?

Welcome to Resolution's web pages for parents. In these pages you can find key information to help you make a positive difference for your children, as well as details of Resolution's new parent workshops which aim to help parents manage the impact of their divorce or separation for their children.


Supporting your children

Man holding his daughter.

Some tips to consider when telling your children about your divorce or separation.

Managing your relationship

laughing girl in wooly hat

Your relationship may have ended but your role as parents has not. Tips for managing your relationship with your ex.

Planning life

Little girl doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Advice on how to manage activities and events out of two homes.

Difficult situations

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Advice for those coping with difficult situations such as domestic abuse, addiction and parental alienation.

Events for parents

Two toddlers eating icecream.

Our information workshops aim to help parents manage the impact of separation on their children. Find out about workshops near you.

Useful resources

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Recommended reading, online resources, legal facts and glossary and information on ordering the useful Separation and Divorce book