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Parenting After Parting |

Parenting after parting

As featured in a recent edition of Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, the Resolution initiative Parenting after Parting is coming to Surrey on the 16th and 23rd September 2009 thanks to the sterling work of Karen Barham and her working party.

Pilots are in place in 6 major locations across the UK to gauge public response to the scheme. Surrey was due to be in the second wave, but such was the Surrey Resolution working party’s persistence that Resolution agreed to allow Surrey to join in now.

Dominic Raeside and Angela Lake Carroll will be the presenters. Both are very experienced mediators and it is hoped that parents will take full advantage of their wisdom.

Places are limited to 10 and already there is substantial interest shown by couples in the Surrey area.

This is a community based initiative to help parents who are struggling to cope with both the meltdown of separation and their children

Extensive media coverage is planned nearer the workshops, and brochures and publicity have already been sent to family lawyers and other professionals involved with family breakdown.

Surrey Family lawyers recognise the need for an initiative such as this and fully support it. You may even have a client that could benefit.

Contact: www.

Karen Barham

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Parenting After Parting |

Interest in parenting after parting is mounting in Surrey, thanks to the efforts of Karen Barham and her working party and a not insignificant mention from Jenni Murray’s on Woman’s Hour last week. :

Surrey was given permission by Resolution to run 2 workshops on the evenings of the 16th and 23rd September 2009 at Barlow Robbins offices in Guildford, although we were not chosen as part of the original pilot scheme, with Dominic Raeside and Angela lake Carroll leading the sessions.

The need for guidance after separation to help parents cope with the fall out of their split and maintain some degree normality for their children has clearly struck a chord with couples in Surrey. Information is available on the resolution web site

Spaces are limited to 10 at a cost of 80 +vat per person. If you think any of your clients would benefit from Parenting after Parting please contact Karen Barham at Barlow Robbins on 07774 495963. or

Surrey wants to make this initiative a success.

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Surrey Region AGM |

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Code in Practice Day |

The latest Code in Practice course was held at Mundays in Cobham on 24th September and was led by Robbie Clark. It was a great success with much positive feedback from the members. Robbie Clarke is a lawyer and Mediator as well as a trainer of mediators.

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Family Law Day 2008 hosted by Burhill Golf Club |

News release

May 2008


For the third year running, the Surrey Resolution and Surrey Law Society joined forces to organise another excellent Surrey Family Law Day at the picturesque setting of Burhill Golf Club. Sally Gandon, chair, of Surrey Resolution said the event is a valuable opportunity for local family lawyers to consider more ways to lessen the detrimental impact of family breakdown on people’s everyday lives.

Karen Barham, ex chairman of Surrey Resolution, spoke passionately about the ‘Children First Initiative’ which hopes to place children at the centre of focus for divorcing couples. As such, Resolution has produced a publication called “Separation and Divorce” intended to help parents help children.

Victoria Ballard of the Victoria Wall Chart Company spoke briefly on the day about her joint venture with Resolution in producing a ‘My Time’ Chart which is specifically aimed at children from the age of four to ten years and designed to bring stability and routine to children experiencing parental separation. Parents should contact their family lawyer to find out more about the wall charts and the Resolution publication.

Further issues discussed on the day included how the Courts are dealing with financial provision on divorce in the aftermath of McCartney and Mills and the current status of prenuptial agreements in England and Wales.

Also, two collaborative lawyers spoke about the rewards of reaching an agreement through Collaborative Law which is a relatively new process that aims to reduce conflict within divorce. It offers an alternative to the traditional divorce process in which couples agree not to go to Court and instead work out solutions together.

The finale of the day was the rare opportunity for local lawyers to listen to and question three local District Judges about their concerns. Issues raised included the lack of contact centres in Surrey, the criminalisation of domestic violence and the service practitioners receive from the Court Service.

As part of Surrey Resolution’s commitment to the community, a joint donation was made to the Surrey Law Centre, together with the Surrey Law Society. The Law Centre is almost the only source of assisted help and advice on housing and community care as well as being one of a very limited number of places in the county offering assisted help in family law with an emphasis on domestic violence.

Resolution lawyers and mediators can help separating parents to reach agreements without the need for costly court battles. For more information about dealing with separation in this way, contact your local Resolution spokesperson Michelle Fitzpatrick at or visit our website to find out members details at

Editor’s note

Resolution is 5,000-strong group of family lawyers committed to promoting a non-confrontational atmosphere in which family law matters are dealt with in a sensitive, constructive and cost-effective way. It sets high standards of good practice in family law and runs an accreditation scheme for specialist family lawyers.

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