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Surrey Resolution

Surrey Resolution has 322 members and its committee is one of the most active in the country. It was the one of the first regional committees to be formed and was set up in 1986. It meets every other month and includes representatives who sit on the National Committee. The area it serves ranges from Caterham to Guildford through to Camberley and surrounding locations.

We hope that the members of Surrey Resolution will find the seminars helpful as well as enjoying the social side of the events.


East Surrey Collaborative Lawyers is a group of East Surrey based Family Lawyers who are committed to helping their clients resolve family issues with dignity and respect, fairly and quickly.

Dealing with divorce or issues about child contact or finances can be very difficult and a stressing time. Many who have dealt with this through the court process have complained that they felt concerned and out of control due to the uncertainties of being caught up in the traditional court-based system.

The collaborative process is aimed to detract the feeling of moving uncontrollably along a legal conveyor belt. Collaborative Law is a new, innovative approach to resolving family problems.

It is less adversarial than the more traditional methods. All issues between the couple, whether involving finances or children, are resolved through a series of face to face meetings between the couple and their collaborative lawyers.

Every member of East Surrey Collaborative Lawyers is also a member of Resolution (www.resolution.org.uk).

Surrey Collaborative Lawyers are convinced of the benefits offered by Collaborative Law and hope you will be too.

Young Surrey Resolution

Young Surrey Resolution was formed in 2007. Its purpose is to encourage more junior members of the profession to discover the benefits of becoming involved in Resolution. The committee runs seminars and events aimed at meeting their specific needs. Sarah Bostock is the Chair and can be contacted at sarah.bostock@twmsolicitors.com.