What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is the alternative way for divorcing or separating couples to work together as a team, with trained professionals, to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court.

Each client has the support protection and guidance of his or her lawyer together with other professionals to provide support as necessary, such as:

  • A coach to help define the future, remain clear thinking and develop strategies for all your communications
  • Financial experts such as specialist independent financial advisors to ensure that you make informed decisions about your financial options.

The Process

At the heart of the process is the belief that an honest and respectful approach to resolving differences leads to better outcomes for you and your former partner.

People who use the collaborative route are better able to preserve family relationships and friendships and deal with their former partner in the future and can save themselves the financial and emotional costs of litigation through the Courts.

  • You and your partner each instruct a specialist Collaborative family lawyer.
  • You both agree with your lawyers to work together as as team and to resolve issues without going to court.
  • Other experts can then be enlisted to help as part of a team.
  • There is a prompt, honest and open disclosure of all information.
  • Settlement is then reached in four-way meetings (two of you and two lawyers).

Is Collaborative Law for me?

  • You want a dignified non-aggressive Solution.
  • You want to avoid acrimonious Court proceedings and retain control of decisions.
  • You want to retain a positive relationship and fix the problem, not apportion blame.