The Collaborative approach is different

Traditionally when couples split, they take advice from their own specialist lawyers, and with their guidance work out how to share the assets and agree arrangements for their children. Communication between solicitors is usually in writing and the couple do not meet face to face unless they have to go to court.

In the collaborative law process, you and your former partner sit down together, with the help of your own solicitors, to work it out face to face. You set the agenda so that you talk about the things that matter most to you and your family. You also set the pace because you are not governed by the demands of the Court .

Collaborative lawyers sign an agreement with you which disqualifies them from representing you in court if the process breaks down. This means they are absolutely committed to helping you find the best solutions by agreement.

What makes it so successful?

  • You still have your own independent legal adviser
  • You set the agenda and discuss the issues that matter to you
  • You set the pace, without the threat of court proceedings hanging over you
  • You talk face to face with your former partner, helping better communication
  • If you have children it will help them to cope better if they see you are working things out together

How can we help you?

The collaborative approach sounds simple. If you like the sound of it so far, you may be the kind of person for whom the collaborative approach would work. It does require a genuine desire to make it work and a willingness to disclose fully and honestly information about all assets.

It also needs skilled lawyers who specialise in family law, are trained in working collaboratively and are committed to making this approach work.

The Black Country Collaborative Group have produced an introductory Guide and voucher to provide further information on the process, please click here to obtain these.

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